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PermaBrick™ Data Sheet

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PermaBrick™ Panels are available in various surface textures, including smooth. Panels are 16" x 48" x 7/8".  Install fasteners with a minimum 3/8" edge distance.

Panels accommodate stud spacing of either 16" or 24", and are fastened with 6d. common 2" long galvanized screws or nails. PermaBrick™ Panels can be cut to shape on site by the score and snap method using a special knife available from Indiana Brick Panels, Inc., or a Skil saw utilizing a wet/dry diamond blade.

PermaBrick™ Panels are easily installed utilizing typical veneer construction methods. Use standard sway bracing on all comer building construction to maintain straight non-twisting walls. A standard PermaBrick™ Panel is 16" wide, 48" long and 7/8" thick which covers 5.33 square feet. The fasteners used to mount the panels are inserted in the open grout lines so that the grout mortar covers them. Use an 80 pound bag of grout to cover approximately 60 square feet of wall space.


These panels have a flame spread rating of 0 and a smoke density rating of 5 when tested in accordance with ASTM E84 and UL 723. The products are classified as noncombustible when tested in accordance with ASTM E136, and comply with ASTM C1186, Standard Specification for Grade H, Type A, Non­Asbestos Fiber Cement Flat Sheets. The interior lining products comply with ASTM C1288 95, Standard Specification for Discrete Non-Asbestos Fiber Cement Interior Substrate Sheets.


  • Type: All masonry type panel with various color brick selections

  • Size: 16" x 48" x 7/8" (5.33 sq. ft. per panel)

  • Brick: Meet or exceed ASTM C1088-94 brick standards (36 per panel)

  • Packaging: 94 panels per pallet. 14 pallets per truckload. (501 square feet per pallet)

  • Weight: Approximately 35 pounds per pane

  • Installation: See installation instructions


PermaBrick™ Panels should be applied over a vapor barrier with screws meeting ASTM C1002 standard. The nails must be long enough to penetrate 1" or more into the framing studs. Panels can be cut with a circular saw with diamond blade. Flashing is used at the base. The PermaBrick™ masonry backerboard meets the ASTM C1278 standards and exceeds the physical properties of ASTM C 36. (BOCA report No. 91 13 and ICBO report No. 5196.)

Full mortaring or grouting between the bricks is required. Use a 3/4" radius trowel for shallow striking of joints. Panels should be cut to fit snug around window and door openings. Panels should be cut square and smooth. Colored "J" siding channels can be used for comers and around doors and windows.


Clean with a mild solution of water and brick wash. Apply with a stiff fiber brush to remove dirt and loose mortar. Immediately wash panels thoroughly with water after cleaning.

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